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Upgrade your mindset through workshops to leverage your business.

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Tools, workshops and network

Tools and workshops by professional coaches who walk their talks within personal development for business.

Upgrade your mindset - become the best version of yourself and achieve your goals with others ambitious people who are interested in going beyond an average Svensson life.

Everything you want to achieve begins with your mindset.

Mission, goals & story
Here is just a portion of what you will discover:

    Strengthen your belief in your own ability to create.

    Toolbox for action towards your vision.

    Be comfortable in being uncomfortable.

    Increase your social skills.

Learn with worldwide and professional coaches & entreprenours

Founder of Outside Comfort Zone

From Brazil to the United States and at age 30 - Sweden. Founder of Outside Comfort Zone, the production company Koanuka Films & Marketing, director of the documentary Resilience – about the mindset that stretch our limits and developed his coaching method with the best professionals in the field, the creators of Neuro-linguistic programming (an approach for personal development, psychotherapy and to communication), and international experts such as Anthony Robbins and Janet Attwood.

Invited coaches and speakers:

15 of September 2018


08:00- 08:50 Registration Coffee och mingel
08:50- 09:00 Get ready Take your seat
09:00- 09:15 Ricardo Koanuka State change with live music.
09:15- 10:15 Ricardo Koanuka Speech: I was crazy enough to believe in myself
10:15- 10:40 BREAK Break with music
10:40- 11:40 Ricardo Koanuka Workshop: Unlock your limiting believes
11:40- 12:20 Bella Malekian Speech: Be your own cheerleader
12:20- 13:20 LUNCH Your chance to eat with new contacts
13:20- 13:35 Ricardo Koanuka State change with live music.
13:35- 14:15 New speaker Speech and QAA
14:15- 15:15 Terron Musgrove Workshop: Train your humanity to scale up your business
15:15- 15:40 BREAK Break with music
15:40- 16:20 All Integration
16:20- 17:00 DJ, dance and mingle Enjoy the energy!

OCZ Conference info

Date: 15th September 2018

Time: 08:00-16:00

Place: Malmö

Location: Studio Black Box, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, 211 19 Malmö

Black Box Malmö Event Black Box Malmö Event


The mission of the conference is for you to strengthen your belief in your own ability to create, increase your social skills and create business driven by purpose. We know your unique path will give you fulfillment beyond anything else, however, your path is always outside your comfort zone. So, start here, at the Outside Comfort Zone Conference.

Encourage unused entrepreneurial potentials through personal development and training people to be comfortable outside the comfort zone.

Outside Comfort Zone is a non-profit organization organizing the annual conference in Malmö and Brazil and monthly network meetings in Malmö.

Goals of OCZ:

    Increase ambitions to growth by converting the law of Jante.

    Embrace an international spirit with a global network that enable collaborations and exchange of experiences.

    Educate about the benefit of diversity and integration as a competitive advantage in entrepreneurship, leadership, partnership and organization.

    Offer a platform with professional guidance that improves empowerment and social ability to include and communicate.

Background story

Sweden has the highest proportion of the population who consider themselves able to identify good business opportunities (70 percent). However, only 37 percent see themselves have sufficient opportunities to start a business, according to GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor).

  • winner documentary

    In 2011,

    the non-profit association Outside Comfort Zone, was founded to develop each one's self-knowledge through physical activities.

  • winner documentary

    In 2016,

    the founder Ricardo Koanuka arranged the first Outside Comfort Zone conference in cooperation with Malmö University sponsored by Lund University and Drivhuset.

  • winner documentary

    In 2017,

    the conference attracted 80 participant at Media Evolution, as well to Ricardo's birthplace, Salvador, Brazil the same year and 2018.

  • winner documentary

    In 2018,

    the conference focus more on giving tools through workshops.

  • 2018
    workshops with

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