Outside Comfort Zone 2016

Personal development and entrepreneurship

Thank to all participants, speakers and sponsors of Outside Comfort Zone — 16.09.2016

Boost your drive with an entrepreneurial mind!

Outside the Comfort Zone is an interactive, dynamic and fun speaker event. Everything you want to achieve begins with your mindset. The pioneers of workforce in all organizations are the people who have embraced the entrepreneurial mindset and eagerness for personal development. Outside Comfort Zone have selected 5 top speakers specialized on personal development and entrepreneurship.

Here is just a portion of what you discovered:

AHA-experiences of how your subconscious mind can help you towards phenomenal success.

How public speaking can take you to the next level.

Energyboost for your own drive, ideas and passion.

Awareness about what holds you back.

How to pitch your project, idea or to raise money.

Event schedule


Date: 16th of September 2016

Time: 9-12 am

Place: Malmö University Niagara room NI:A0306 (elevator A, 3rd floor, room 6).

Adress: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1 Malmö.

Meet the speakers

Entrepreneurship, mindset and personal development

Ricardo Koanuka, Entrepreneur, Director & coach

Ricardo Koanuka

Entrepreneur, Film director & coach

In the process of making the documentary, Resilience, about mindset that pushes limits, he discovers the power of uniqueness. With this insight, he found his passion to encourage others to find their uniqueness. Ricardo is certified speaker and educated by the founder John Grinder in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in London.

Karin Tydén, coach

Karin Tydén


Karin Tyden is working with clients all over the world, but her home and heart is in Malmö. Her speciality is to help people create a new mindset - in 5th gear. And for that she uses hypnosis. Today she is going to give you a crash course in how you direct your brain towards phenomenal success. It will be an exciting journey in your subconscious, with a lot of AHA-experiences.

Maria Appelqvist, Author

Maria Appelqvist


Maria is a professional trained coach, researcher and teacher. As an author of the book "Du och din Jante" she is specialized in the social phenomenon that holds people back.

Sebastian Ekstam, Business Developer, coaching & training manager

Sebastian Ekstam

Business Developer, coaching & training manager at Drivhuset

Sebastian works at Drivhuset with entrepreneurs at an early stage of their journey in developing their ideas, confidence and ultimately their success. Sebastian opens the eyes of business owners to take action and improve their impact. He also work with companies and organizations’ that needs to take new directions and explore new ways to bring life and value to their work or to the market.

Joa Falke,busniness developer Malmö

Joa Falke

Business developer at Malmö University

Joa Falke shares his experiences of corporate collaborations with researchers scientific results.

Program 16 of September 2016
09:00- 09:15 Ricardo Koanuka State change with live music.
09:15- 09:35 Sebastian Ekstam Be yourself – Do IT this week
09:35- 10:00 Karin Tydén Mind-programming for success
10:00- 10:15 BREAK coffee break with music
10:15- 10:40 Maria Appelqvist Jante & your comfort Zone
10:40- 11:00 Ricardo Koanuka Breaking the comfort zone with body percussion in real time
11:00- 11:20 Joa Falke and student entrepreneurs at Malmö University Real Examples from student to entrepreneur
11:20- 12:00 Ricardo Koanuka Become an authority – dare to be a speaker
Ricardo Koanuka, Entrepreneur, Director & coach

Ricardo Koanuka

Founder and speaker

Ricardo came to Sweden from Brazil with an entrepreneurial eye and want to inspire others to see opportunities to create a vibrant and creative Malmö.

Christina Wallin, marketing

Christina Wallin


Christina is passionate about producing talent people and direct behind the camera. Christina is driven by storytelling and to make the world a better place then it was when I arrived.

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