Outside Comfort Zone Brazil

Personal development and entrepreneurship

Thank to all participants, speakers and sponsors — Salvador 26.01.2017

Interactive lecture

Purpose of Life - Identify yours with Ricardo Koanuka

19:00- 19:20 Goro and Juliana Fidelis State change with live music.
19:20- 21:00 Ricardo Koanuka Purpose of Life
21:00- 21:20 BREAK coffee break with music
21:20- 22:00 Ricardo Koanuka Identify your life purpose

Date: 26th of January 2017

Time: 9-12 am

Place: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Location: Salvador Shopping Business

Meet the speaker

Entrepreneurship, mindset and personal development.

Ricardo Koanuka, Entrepreneur, Director & coach

Ricardo Koanuka

Entrepreneur, Film director & coach

In the process of making the documentary, Resilience, about mindset that pushes limits, he discovers the power of uniqueness. With this insight, he found his passion to encourage others to find their uniqueness. Ricardo is certified speaker and educated by the founder John Grinder in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in London.

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