Get rid of your bullshit in one mental trainingday

Get rid of your - bullshit stories!

Your comfort zone is your even level of performance that corresponds to the results you have today. Your comfort zone is your standard and thus your status quo.

Most of us are comfortable with our standard, although we do not live the life we really want, because we know how to handle our existing results.

Your thoughts generate your feelings which are the basis for your actions, which equals your result. How do you think your results would be if you learned how to handle your thoughts?

Your desired results are located outside your comfort zone

When you break your comfort zone, you break invasive patterns or thoughts, which your brain interprets as potential danger and warns you through feelings of stress, anxiety and fear.

How can you be comfortable in the uncomfortable? Through interactive and practical training as well as some “mental slaps in the face” – you will increase personal resources, also called psychological capital, such as self-confidence, optimism, hopefulness and endurance. When you grow bigger than your problems, your self-esteem is strengthened and you develop the resilience to handle stress, conflict or negative moods.

Interventions with groups have proved to be more effective, than individual interventions. Which also fosters social relationships and togetherness. How would your energy level increase if you became less judgmental, trusted your personal resources and did not seek someone else's approval?

What training do you need?

Choose which training package suits you and your organization! Get to know yourself, your team and your customers through interactive training:

Interactive lecture

Purpose vs goal oriented

For those who face career choice or start up business.

Test if you are purpose or goal oriented.

How your inner communication affects your results.

5 ways to identify what you want to do with true driving force.

1,5 h. 486 EUR ex. VAT.

Interactive training

Crossing the comfort zone

Suitable for high performance teams, for example, in sales, recruiters, entrepreneurs and managers.

Identify your comfort zone.

Identify your bullshit stories (excuses).

Create a new story for action against your vision.

1,5 h. 778 EUR ex. VAT.



Powerful tools for those who are prepared to go deep inside.

Mapping your self-esteem.

Identify and rephrase your limited beleives.

Identify the triggers of old habits that provide current results and develop new ones for desired results.

3 h. 972 EUR ex. VAT.
Date Location Tickets
2020 Portugal, Lissabon Invited only.
Friday, Sep 13 2019 Sweden, Malmö Tickets
2020 Limassol, Cyprus Tickets coming!
Mars 2020 Brazil, Salvador Tickets will be launched in autumn 2019

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Your mental trainer

Founder Ricardo Koanuka has always turned his passion into business. Born in Brazil, lived in the US and at the age of 30 he came to Sweden, with the vision of an international entrepreneurship.

Outside Comfort Zone Ricardo Koanuka

Without contacts, capital, language or understanding the law of Jante... Ricardo arrives in Sweden, Malmö with one desire; to be himself.

I went to business networks in Malmö, but people turned my back. I had met my greatest fear; doubt. I let the law of Jante convince me that I hurt others by being myself.

When he stopped believe in his vision, he reached a breakpoint and thus broke one of the Jante's laws;

You shall not think that you can teach us anything.

He began to educate himself through the best international within personal development. His first mentor was New York's best seller and expert in passions, Janet Attwood. He then trained himself by the creators of NLP, technology for immediate change that gives the desired result and became coordinator in collaboration with Tony Robbins.

Utbildad NLP master

He started a production company and directed the award-winning documentary film Resilience - Mindset that pushes restrictions and functionality.

Many in the audience said:

The main character has no preconditions in this world, yet he has something within himself that I seem to miss.

Resilience tankesätt

It became the seed of Outside Comfort Zone. Since 2016 OCZ has developed people's self-esteem and internal resources; Mental strength, social skills and emotional intelligence.

Since then, the training has spread internationally from Sweden to Brazil and Cyprus.

Sweden helped me to become the best version of myself, but I also think that Swedes have something to learn from an international perspective when it comes to believe in their own ability to create.

– Ricardo Koanuka
Founder, mental trainer and entrepreneur.

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