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The reason you do not do what you want is that you do not know what you want or why you want it.

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Purpose vs goal-oriented

Sweden has the highest proportion of people who consider themselves able to identify good business opportunities (70 percent ). But only 37 percent seem to have sufficient skills to start a business, according to GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor).

How can we increase the number of shares that do not think they can start a business?

Ricardo Koanuka takes the audience on a warm, vibrant, colorful and varied journey. With much humor, he shares his story about finding his personal resources and mastering his mindset. Ricardo's own story inspires while the audience is trained through interactive exercises.

Test if you are purpose or goal oriented.

Difference between goal and purpose

How your inner communication affects your results.

5 ways to identify what you want to do with true driving power.

How to build personal resources.

Length: 1,5 hour

Price: 486 EUR ex. VAT.


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