Get rid of your bullshit stories in one day so you can realise your vision!

  1. Self-awareness to recognize what you really want - your purpose.
  2. Cross your comfort zone - understand how your brain works so you can take action.
  3. Practice emotional intelligence to be consistent with your vision.
  4. Get to know new friends with DJ & barbecue of award-winning chefs! (chicken or vegetarian) 🔥

Do you want to achieve a high level of innovation and performance together with supporting people?

Welcome to a roller coaster experience and party for your personal development. Get to know yourself and others through an interactive workshop.

WARNING! After the event, it has occurred that people quit their jobs, got a new job, divorced from destructive relationships, changed their lifestyle, started a business or changed their company.

Not everyone is ready to go outside the comfort zone. Are you ambitious, generous, open-minded and willing to change yourself?

Welcome to train personal resources: Mental strength, social skills, and emotional intelligence.

During the training day you will:

    Get to know yourself and others on a deeper level. Identify your excuses – why you don't do what you know you should. Understand the difference between your inner voice and external voices. Release negative habits – create healthy and long-lasting habits. Identify your true passion and turn it into an action plan.

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Rekommendation produktionsbolag Malmö

Ricardo is an excellent speaker with much positivism and energy. I participated in his training and I urge everyone to take part in this extraordinary experience. He really inspires people to move on and make a change.

Indre R Neuromarketing Scientist at LCC

Rekommendation coach Malmö

His ability to work with a group is incredible, his energy is charging and every person feels participated in the discussions and activities during the lecture. Nobody is unaware in personal development or leadership. His valuable lessons and wisdom will be part of the mental development that participants from 50 countries will bring home.

Saida Ibrahimava co-founder YtYInitiative

Rekommendation kickoff Malmö

A full day filled with energy, laughter and development. It's an interactive day that challenges me to dare to be the one I really are. Theory mixed with practice makes the message land better.

Simon Lundegrad, GMP Scientist

Rekommendation företagsrådgivare

Can be recommended to anyone who wants to develop and question invasive patterns and behaviors.

Petra Lundgren, business developer at Tillväxt Malmö

Rekommendation företagsrådgivare

Ricardo is great, focusing on building people. If you have the opportunity to attend his lecture please do it and you will never be the same again.

Dr. Job Kasweshi, Zambias Ministry of health

Rekommendation starta eget

I'll start a new company even if I'm retired and will work at least until I'm 75 years old (7 years from now)7 år från nu

Bo Nilsson, Businessman

Black Box Malmö Event
Black Box Malmö Event


What: Mental trainingday and party for your personal development

Date: 13th September 2019

Time: 12:30 - 20:45

Place: Malmö

Location: Studio Malmö, Black Box, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, 211 19 Malmö

Training Program

STUDIO Malmö, nordenskiöldsgatan 24.

Full day containing

The first part of the training day: Get to know yourself

12:30 - 13:00 registration, coffee and mingle. Since we start after lunch, make sure you have eaten.
13:00 - 13:30 Introduction to OCZ
13:30 - 15:17 I was crazy enough to believe in myself! Ricardo Koanuka

Are you goal oriented or driven by purpose? And what these different pathways lead to. 5 interactive ways to identify your passions.

15:17 - 15:37 Mingle break with coffee

The second part of the training day: Crush your comfort zone

självkännedom självkännedom
15:37 - 17:27 Workshop: How to cross the comfort zone part 1 - Ricardo Koanuka

Identify your comfort zone.

17:27 - 18:27 Dinner with award-winning chefs
18:27 - 19:02 International coach: Aslan Mirkalami

Secrets of wealthy mind

19:02 - 20:07 Get coached by Ricardo Koanuka

Ask your question!

20:07 - 20:21 Workshop: How to live outside your comfort zone del 3 - Ricardo Koanuka

Implement your new story.

Note that the schedule can be changed. The event will be recorded and documented with photo.

Your mental trainer

Ricardo Koanuka has always turned his passions into business. Born in Brazil, lived in the US and at the age of 30 he came to Sweden, with the vision of an international entrepreneurship.

Educated through the best international within personal development. His first mentor was New York's best seller and expert in life and passions, Janet Attwood. Trained and graduated by the creators NLP, technology for immediate change that gives the desired result and became coordinator in collaboration with Tony Robbins.

Utbildad NLP master

Invited international coach

Coach for high performance

Aslan Mirkalami award-winning author who focuses on desired end result.

With only $ 750 on his pocket and nowhere to stay, Aslan arrives in Canada. He builds a $ 160 million online company.

Lecture: Secrets of wealthy mind

Why do some people get everything they want while others struggle? How you can be one of the few who is rich and successful.

which ticket is right for you?

All tickets include coffee and dinner (contact us for food preferences)

Early Bird I


Individual: 499 SEK

You + Friend: 800 SEK

You + 2 friends: 1050 SEK

You + team of 10 people: 3000 SEK

Early Bird II


Individual: 999 SEK

Du + vän: 1300 SEK

You + 2 friends: 1650 SEK

You + team on 10 people: 5000 SEK

Regular tickets

6 available

Individual: 1 499 SEK

You + friend: 2 300 SEK

You + 2 friends: 2 700 SEK

Ticket to the mental training day in Malmö September 13 2019

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