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Get rid of Bullshit stories

Do you maintain a level of performance but know that there is greater potential for you?

Do you want to manage your thoughts and own your state of mind?

Do you want to break inward patterns?

The known is our comfort zone, our inward behavior and habits. Our brain warns us of the unknown because it can be dangerous. The brain can not distinguish real dangers or fear of making a sales call or how others will perceive you

We can first take responsibility for our results when we leave the victim.

This exercise is for those who want to get out of your comfort zone so you dare to do what you know you should do ...

Understand how your brain works and create unjustified rescue.

Identify your comfort zone.

Identify your bullshit stories (excuses).

Create a new story for action against your vision.

Length: 1,5 hour

Price: 778 EUR ex. VAT


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